Donner DWS-20 Upgrade Digital Wireless Guitar System Transmitter and Receiver

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Country: U.S.
Plug: US

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1. High-quality tone, ultra short delay, less than 2.5ms Latency, easy to use, plug and play.

2. Uncompressed wireless transmitting, the transmission distance is more than 200 feet range.

3. Rechargeable lithium battery, 4.5 hours of battery life, and with USB port for charging.

4. Supports 4 sets of devices working at the same time, one-to-one or one-to-two or one-to- three transmission.

5. 180¡ãrotatable head, available for most electric music instruments, electric guitars, bass, electric-acoustic guitars,etc.

Product Description

The Donner DWS-20 is a new perfected digital transmission wireless system with no loss in sound quality and less than 2.5ms delay during transmission. And it offers a reliable way to transmit your guitar (or any other electric musical instrument) signal, enabling you to break free from using cables.

With a transmission distance up to 200 feet, you are afforded the freedom to roam the stage for a truly dynamic performance. It is great for using with the rechargeable lithuim battery and lasts up to 4.5 hours with one charge.

For guitarists, nothing is more important than tone. DWS-2 delivers your tone without compression or compromise, and give you the response from your instrument that is very similar to what you are used to from a cable.


1.Latency Time: 2.5ms.
2.Charge Time: 1.5 Hours.
3.Battery Life: 4.5 Hours (Rechargable Lithuim Battery).
4.Transmission Distance: More than 200 Feet Range.
5.Charge Port: Micro USB (USB Cable Include).
6.Transmission Modal: Supports 4 sets working at the same time.
7. Material: ABS Plastic.
8. Size: 56*53*20mm.
9. Weight: 30g.

Using method

1. Turn on the transmitter and receiver of the power switch, receiver green lights start flashing, the device enters the state of the connection;
2. The transmitter and receiver will be automatically connected and the red light to remain bright if the transmitter and receiver have been matched before;
3. If the transmitter and the receiver has not previously been paired good, press button(CH SEL) of transmitter and the receiver once, one of the channel LEDs will light on.
4. And then, please select channel of transmitter and receiver equally by pressing button(CH SEL) again.
5. Then, the transmitter and the receiver will automatically paired, red light and green light to maintain constant light;
6. Once the pairing is successful, it will be matched with a pair of memory. Don't need to repeat the reboot after matching operation.

NOTE: DWS-2 supports 4 sets working at the same time, one to one or one-to-two or one-to- three transmission. When same models are used with other musical instruments together, it should set up per each set models separately.

Package included

1 x Donner Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
1 x USB Cable
1x Carry Bag
1 x User¡¯s Manual

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