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August Activity - GIVEAWAY
Halloween Decorating Photo Contest--Call you from another world!
TIME: 10.20-10.31
Come and be the lucky one!!!
Participate Ways:
1.Share Halloween Decorating Photo on your social media platform like Facebook/Instagram.
2. Don't forget @DonnerMusic_US so we can see your photo/videos!
3.We will select the first, second and third prizes on the Nov.1st.
4.All rights of interpretation of this event reserved by Donnerdeal.
Exchange Ways:
We will give gift card of the corresponding amount after selecting the first, second and third prizes, Participation prize on Nov.1st.
1.Limited to one prize per email.
2.We will send a gift card of the corresponding amount by email on the Nov.1st. Please check!!!
3.The expiry date of the gift card is 2022.11.30.
  • First prize: $299 x 1
  • Second prize: $199 x 3
  • Third prize: $19 x 10
  • Participation prize: $9 x n
  • Past Events:
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    Time: Oct. 17th - Oct. 23th
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    Surprise Friday
    Time: July 29th - July 31st
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    How can I participate in the event?


    Just become a Donner member and join now!

    Do I only participate in events through Facebook?


    No, we will have different event formats, please check our event descriptions for details.

    Is the event valid for a long time?


    No, there is a time limit for each event. please check our event descriptions for details.

    Why didn't I receive my prize?


    Please contact us through the group or send us an email at