Reditmo 37/49/54/61/88 key universal transparent color piano stickers, black and white keys universal, easy to remove without residue

SKU: ED2009



  • Features

    1.37 / 49/54/61/88 key transparent color universal piano stickers, just follow the order.

    1. The bass area is marked with two marking methods to help you quickly learn the staff and play the melody you like better.
    2. Use high-quality bonding materials, which will not remain on your keys
    3. The surface is non-slip treated, the feel is the same as a real piano, and it will not slip when playing.
    4. Double-layer printing, the handwriting will not be worn, and the corners will not be lifted


  • Product Description

    Worrying about not knowing how to read piano? Let reditmo help you learn and remember staff notation in a short time. The product is easy to disassemble, just paste it in order according to the serial number.


  • Specifications

    Weight: 23g

    Style: 37/49/54/61/88

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