Moukey 32 channel 262 foot rechargeable dual UHF wireless microphone system

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Moukey 32 channel 262 foot rechargeable dual UHF wireless microphone system, MwmU-2 professional handheld microphone set, perfect for Family Gatherings, Churches, small Karaoke nights.

? Prevent Interference:UHF902~928MHz, Can choose 32 frequency points¡£If you encounter interference, tap the hand microphone to switch the frequency button to avoid.

? ID identification technology: When the microphone is turned off, the receiver will not receive external signal interference and produce noise.

? Simple remote frequency conversion system, more scientific and intelligent.

? The receiver has a USB port and is temporarily powered by a lithium battery. It can be used outdoors for about 5-8 hours.?

? The first battery exchange technology: the product comes with a lithium battery and a normal 1.5V AA battery (not included), switching between each other.

Lithium battery specifications:Charging time about 1-2 hours£» Length of use about 5-8 hours£»Repeated charging times more than 1000 times.Working Range in wide-open area: 98-263 Ft(30-80m) line-of-sight, Extra 3.5mm conversion 6.35mm audio output. It is also suitable for churches, DJ KJ stages, birthday weddings or family gatherings, conferences, classrooms, karaoke nights, etc.


Product Description

The Moukey MwmU-2 It is a simple intelligent 32-frequency adjustable microphone, this model uses high integrated digital chip and the identification by ID code, try to avoid interference. Unique spectrum display technology, automatic scanning, one-click search frequency, easy to use.

The transmitter (handheld microphone) is the first lithium battery and 1.5V AA?£¨Not included£©ordinary battery to design each other, which saves a lot of battery costs and is environmentally friendly. The receiver (host) has a USB charging port that can be used directly with the adapter that comes with it. If you can't find the power outside, you can also use the lithium battery of the handheld microphone for 5-8 hours of buffering.?



?1.You will need an extra audio equipment like speaker to connect with this product to make the sound working.

?2.Please keep the receiver away from the metal or any digital devices (such as computers, cellphones, etc.) to avoid potential sources of interference.

?3.The receiver should be more than 1m from the ground. Please avoid to be against a wall.

?4.Please do not use the microphone facing the receiver too closely, in order to avoid noise interference.

?5.Please do not flap the microphone head with hand, or it would be damaged.

?6.Please charge for more than 3 hours when using for the first time.



Receiver: Carrier frequency band: UHF902~928MHz Bandwidth: 30MHz Preset frequency:32

Power supply: Adapter AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 150mA

DC 5V 1000mA Audio output interface: 1 x 3.5mm conversion 6.35mm audio output.?


Transmitter (handheld microphone): Carrier frequency band: UHF902~928MHz Bandwidth: 30MHz Frequency switching: Manual Lithium battery life: 5-8 hours£¨Rechargeable£©




Net Weight£º2.26 lb /?1.03KG

Package dimensions£º14.96£¨L£©x 10.95 (W) x 2.17 (H)inch / 38 x 27.8 x 5.5 CM


Package included

1 x?Receiver

2 x Wireless handheld microphone

2 x Receive antenna

2 x USB interface lithium battery

2 x 1.5V battery mount

1 x 3.5mm conversion 6.3mm audio cable 1 x USB power cord

1 x Adapter

1 x USB charging cable

1 x user's manual


-?Download User Manual

- Instructive Video

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