Reditmo Music Mat For Kids,Keyboard Dance Mat,Further Increase In Size,Cultivate Children's Interest In Music, Colorful, Attract The Attention Of The Baby,And There Are a Lot Of Small Animal Calls

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  • Features
    1. Upgraded the product on the original basis, with larger size and richer colors to better attract the attention of the baby, dance to your heart's content!
    2. The sound of miniature piano keyboard, puppy, kitten, bird, pony and other small animals can attract children's interest
    3. Music blanket is easy to fold, equipped with amplifier, waterproof (except for sound source box), and can be used indoors and outdoors
    4. 3AA batteries are required (not included to ensure safe transportation)


  • Specifications/h5>

    Size :135*58*0.5cm

    Weight: 385g

    Key material: plastic & ABS


  • Package included

    Musical mat*1


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