Reditmo Drum Set For Kids, With Mini Piano, Microphone, Drum Sticks, a More Solid Stool, a Colorful Integrated Toy, Attracting Baby's Attention And Cultivating Baby's Musical Talent, Pink

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  • Features
    1. Your babycan play drums, play the piano, andalso sing! Let the baby have more attempts, find the baby's interests and hobbies, and you may have different surprises every day.
      2. Christmas is coming soon! Give your baby a very good comprehensive music gift, develop baby’s musical talent and artistic talent.
      3. The oversized music toy is more powerful. It has a variety of sounds such as piano, string, guitar, etc. It also has the function of recording & playback, recording the little inspiration of baby playing.
      4. Connect your MP3 or mobile phone to play any song you like, and spend your unforgettable time with your baby.
      5. The volume can be adjusted appropriately, the product only need 3*1.5V “AA” batteries can be used (the product does not contain batteries).


  • Specifications

    Size : 65*33*66cm

    Weight: 4kg

    material: plastic & ABS

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