Moukey Portable Karaoke Machine - Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker PA System, 120 Watt with 8" Subwoofer, DJ Lights, TWS Function, Wired Microphone, Recording Ability, MP3/USB/TF/FM Radio - MTs8-1

SKU: MK0170

Country: USA
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Powerful & Ultra-Portable – Superior High-Fidelity Wireless Sound, Anywhere!
Don’t settle for an imitation, Moukey Mts Series is the only choice! Mts8-1 Karaoke Machineis a high-power, ultra-portable sound system including a built-Subwoofer speaker, an integrated amplifier, and wireless easy-pair technology. With an immense 120W dynamic power amplifier fused with a robust 8-inch woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter, experience rich, vibrant, and lifelike sound that gives your party moving! The legendary Mts8-1 returns – Enjoy life. This Rechargeable Portable Voice Amplifier is Excellent for karaoke or parties or meetings or seminars or guiding a tour. So if someone is looking for one of these then you have found a very good quality product as it's well made and strong.
Multiple Connections
Bluetooth 5.0 and built-in AUX --- MTs8-1 is equipped with a wireless connection that can be paired with a tablet, mobile phone or other devices, and also has a 3.5 mm jack that can be connected to a tablet, mp3, mp4 or other devices. TF/USB input is also provided.

Kind reminder: If Bluetooth fails to pair, please delete other Bluetooth settings on your phone, keep Moukey MTs8-1, and repair it.
Enjoy a Wonderful Karaoke Night with Colorful lights
Keep the accompaniment, hold down the Mode button a second or two and to get the voice back, hold down again for about 2 seconds.

Turn on the lights, while you are karaoke, feel the cheerful atmosphere from disco.
Simple Console
Direct and simple multi-function console, convenient for you to adjust sound effects, microphone effects, mode switching and other operations at any time. What’s more, with the latest TWS function, you can connect two speakers through the mobile phone's Bluetooth.
Wired Microphone
Based on the fact that there are too many wireless microphones on the market that will interfere with each other, we have launched a product equipped with a wired microphone style, so that you will not be troubled by frequency interference when using it.
Large Capacity Battery
The built-in large-capacity safety-certified battery of the speaker system is fully charged and can be used for 1-3 hours to meet your long-term performance requirements outdoors. However, if you keep the machine charged, it can be used all day long. Note: Please turn off the battery and charge it for more than 8 hours before using it for the first time, and store it fully charged after use to effectively extend the battery life.
Remote Control
Equipped with a variety of external wiring materials, it is convenient to connect external displays and MP3, iPod and other products. With remote control, you can control it from a distance. Safety-certified power adapters are both safe and provide enough power to power the speakers.

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