Moukey MPM-1 Mechanical Metronome Black/White/Red For Piano,Violin and Guitar

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Color: Red
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  • Features

    • Easy To Use - you just use the pendulum swing to choose your needed beat and tempo and let the pendulum go into motion. And provide a loud sound to aid you in keeping track of beats and tempo when practicing with various musical instruments.
    • Classic Design - It features a pendulum in the center that completes this classical look that all musicians love. Pendulum can make up 40 to 208 beats per minute, and the beat selection is 0, 2, 3, 4, 6. It has a tempo tolerance of 1% and a beat by wood block chip sound with a 5 position on/off bell.
    • Applicable For Most Muisic Instruments - Applicable for practicing piano, violin, guitar, bass, drum and other musical instruments.
    • Not Battery Operated - It is a wind up spring mechanism that gives Metronome the power it needs to create power to produce regular, metrical beats. This is economical and built to last without the required need to spend money on batteries to power it.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - All Moukey products are built to last. We provide 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and world class customer service, you can rest assured to buy our products.
  • Specifications
    • Color: Black/White/Red
    • Material: ABS + Copper
    • Movement Material: Full Metal.
    • Casing Style: Classic Pyramid Tower Style
    • Precision: Spring Mechanism
    • Tempo Range: 40~208bpm
    • Tolerance: Less Than 1%.
    • Beats: 0,2,3,4,6
    • Size: 116*102*205mm
    • Net Weight: 470g
  • Precautions
    1. Use a tool into the groove on the bottom , then open it;
    2. Open the bottom cover; you will see a piece of foam which used to protect the pendulum, please remove the foam before you use the metronome;
    3. Close the bottom cover, please follow the instructions shown in the manual;
    4. Avoid using the metronome in a dusty or damp place;
    5. Only use soft cloth to clean the metronome.
  • Package included
    • 1 X Moukey MPM-1 Metronome
    • 1 X Clearing Cloth
    • 1 X Black Bag
    • 1 X Product Manuel

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