Moukey MAMX3 Mini Audio Mixer Line Mixer,DC 5V, 8-Stereo Ultra, Low-Noise 8-Channel for Sub-Mixing, Ideal for Small Clubs or Bars. As Microphones, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards Mixer, 2021 New Version

SKU: MK0150

Country: USA
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Moukey Ultra Low-Noise 8-Channel Line Mixer
Moukey MAMX3 (Eight input channels) for you to blend various audio sources or instruments down into one channel. You can mix guitar, electronic drum, MP3 player, phone music together then enjoy the reverb you’ve made. No hum hissing and audible noise added into the system, pretty transparent, fluent sound streaming, 8 channels stereo mixer give the nice and pleasure experiences when you are using.

The audio mixer 8 channel has four 1/4 TRS inputs along with a 1/4 TRS output, the channels are stereo not mono. Six volume knobs of the stereo mixer to adjust each input level.

Please add a ground loop noise isolator on the line from your computer and into the mixer if there is humming buzzing noise when mixing the computer and other device audio
Product Application
Our mixer is suitable for mixing most electronic musical instrument microphones. Electronic musical instruments such as electronic guitars, electronic drums, electric pianos, etc. The scope of application is wide and unlimited.
New Operating Mode
Each channel has added switching buttons, making switching between mono and stereo audio input more convenient and intuitive.
New Power Supply Mode
DC 5V power supply mode, which is convenient for customers to use in multiple occasions. Such as your laptop, desktop computer, charger adapter, power strip and power bank. As long as the voltage is DC5V, the current above 500mA can provide power for our products.
1 2 3
Channel 4 6 8
Mono/Stereo Have Have Have
Supply voltage DC 5V DC 5V DC 5V

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