Moukey MEK-200 61 Key Electronic Keyboard Bundle With Stand, Bench, Headphone, Microphone and Sticker

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  • Features

    1.FULL SIZE KEYBOARD: A true full size 61 key keyboard piano with standard key sizes features LED screen, record and playback functionality, 100 keyboard sounds 100 rhythms, and 50 demo songs.

    2.AUTHENTIC RANGE OF SOUND: Built-in speakers offer tremendous sound, complete with 300 Timbres, 300 rhythms, and 24 demonstration songs. Stereo outputs and a headphone jack can be used to listen through external speakers or with the included headphones.

    3.DELUXE FEATURES: Ideally suited to master finger control, this portable piano keyboard allows for play of single-fingered and fingered auto-bass chords, with the capacity to select chord timbre, program/edit rhythm, as well as utilize effects such as vibrato, sustain, & ensemble.

    4.The package includes everything you need to start: a pair of Z-style Stand, Keyboard Stool, Headphone, Microphone, Keyboard Sticker, Power Supply.

    5.30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Backed Up By Our Awesome Customer Support, you can rest assured to buy our products.

    The keyboard has a crisp LED screen, and provides instructions for beginners, telling them which keys to press or chords to play while trying demo songs, making it the perfect keyboard for budding musicians. Although the keyboard is compact, the keys themselves are full size.

    The sturdy and portable keyboard stand is a great way to ensure the keyboard’s stability, and is very easy to fold up and take on the road. Kids and adults alike will benefit from the adjustable and sturdy stand and a padded stool. The included over-ear headphones enable pianists to play without disturbing anyone around them. And when a concert is called for, the keyboard has built-in speakers that will fill the room with rich, resonant sound.

    The keyboard also has a wealth of preloaded sound options, including 50 demo songs, 300 rhythms and 300 sounds with built-in teaching functions. The Moukey MEK-200 kit comes with everything a pianist needs, and is an ideal gift for beginners and advanced musicians alike.

  •  Technical Specifications

    Standard: GB/T13837-2012  GB17625.1-2012

    Display: LED display

    Voice: 300 kinds of voices

    Demo Song: 50 demo song

    Rhytnm: 300 kinds of rhytnm

    Record and Program: Record / Play / Percussion

    Accompaniment Control: Start / Stop / Sync / Fill In / Tempo

    Chord Control: Single Finger /Fingered Chord / Chord Clear

    Effect Control: Keyboard Drum / Sustain / Vibrato / Keyboard Split / Transpose / Fine Tuning / Beat / Pitch Bend.

    Intelligent Teaching: Demo One / Demo All / One Key Teaching / Follow Teaching

    Other Control: Power Swith / Accomp Volume

    Extemal Jack: DC 9V Power Input / Microphone Input / Headphone Output

    Intonation: <5 Cents

    Net Weight:5.4Kg

    Trouble Shooting

    Trouble 1: Accompanled by noise whenever the power is switched ON or OFF.

    Method 1: This is normal. Please do not worry.

    Trouble 2: No sound while pressing any key with power switched on.

    Method 2: Are the Master Volume control and accompaniment Volume levels turned to the proper position. The internal speaker system is automatically shut off when some equipments plugged to the headphone jack.

    Trouble 3: The sound is distorted or intermittent. More seriously, the instrument crashed.

    Method: In this case, unqualified DC-adapter is probably. In use or your batteries are probably flat and need replacement.

    Trouble 4: The note and note quality under the same voice are tiny different

    Method 4: This is normal. Perhaps the note with this tiny difference in note quality is initially adopted.

    Trouble 5: Sustain produces longer or shorter when used.

    Method 5: This is normal. In this case, the best sustain effect for each note is initially set by the produce.

    Trouble 6: Master Volume and Accompaniment volume is changed.

    Method 6: Are the Master control and accompaniment volume turned to proper levels?

    Trouble 7: The accompaniment key changes while you are playing synchronously.

    Method 7:Perhaps you accidentally pressed a key in the left-hand range.(Left 19 keys of keyboard)

    Trouble 8: No sound, no LED display when AC-Power adapter is in use.

    Method 8: Is there power available in power socket and the AC- Adapter is well plugged into power jack? Is the Power jack in good connection with AC-Power adapter.

    Trouble 9: The speakers make noise when mobile phone is used nearby.

    Method 9: The mobile phone nearby should be switched off or placed from the instrument. Perhaps the mobile phone interfere the instrument and cause the noise.

  •  Cautions

    1.Never leave the instrument in circumstance with excessive dust, vibration, low or high temperature(such as place under the direct sunlight, close to other source of heat, inside the car which under the direct sunlight) to prevent damages of both appearance and internal components of instrument.

    2.Never leave the instrument in an unstable place to avoid falling down and cause the damages.

    3.Never place any container with liquid on the instrument to prevent the liquid flow into the instrument.

    4.Never turn the volume to Max. Or the position that heard uncomfortable when you play, to prevent your hearing loss.

    5.Never apply excessive force or place heavy objects on instrument nor apply excessive force to press keyboard, power button and jack.

    6.The instrument must be unpacked by the adults before use to prevent baby or children from choking hazard.

    7.Please keep and store or discard the plastic packing.

  •  Package included

    1 x Moukey 61 Key

    1 x Z-style Stand

    1 x Keyboard Bench

    1 x Headphone

    1 x Microphone

    1 x Keyboard Sticker

    1 x Power Supply

    1 x Owner Manual

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