Moukey MCM-1 DSLR Camera Microphone, External Video Mic for Phone, Smartphone, Vlogging, Canon/Nikon Camera

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Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

Foam Cover


  • Thick and soft. It has good elasticity and shrinkage, convenient to set on the microphone.

Windproof Ball


  • The windproof ball was squeezed in a bag, so please put it out for a little time then it will return to its original shape.

Indoor Use


  • Wear a foam cover to protect the mic and filter unwanted noise when recording indoors.

Outdoor Use


  • Wear a windproof ball for better use when recording outdoors.

Record Every Wonderful Moment

      Avoid Common Problems for Higher Recording Quality

      --- Use Cables Correctly


      • TRS Connector is used for DSLR.
      • TRRS Connector is used for smartphones.
      • There are two formats (CTIA/OMTP) for the 3.5mm headphone jack of the smartphones.
      • Please first confirm whether your phone supports CTIA. If it only supports OMTP, you also need to prepare a conversion head yourself.


      --- Use Manual Audio Recording Mode


      • When using a camera, please change the auto gain to manual in the recording option, then fine-tune the level so that the sound is around 12 db.
      • Also, get your mic as close as you can to the speaking subject - within 4 feet is ideal.
      • When the subject is silent, it will not amplify background noise and give a good level without distortion.


      --- Avoid WiFi Interference & Use Manual Focus


      • Use manual focusing to avoid the noisy sound caused by automatic focusing.
      • Actually most of the electronic products can experience interference from strong external RF fields, such as WiFi transmitter. Turn off the WiFi can help prevent any potential interference.

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