Kiddire 10 Keys Kids Accordion,blue

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  • Features


    Accordion is a kind of children's instrument full of fun, which greatly promotes children's creativity, music, hand and eye coordination. Cultivate their love of playing musical instruments.Reed is made of high quality phosphorus bronze with good timbre and durability.

        Safety and environmental protection: Due to the use of food-grade ABS resin materials, non-toxic and harmless, children learn and play 100% safely, bellows are made up of leather, kraft paper and cloth, strong and durable, canbe prevent from

        Easy to learn and play: The two sides are designed with a belt buckle, which is convenient to hold the accordion, and is not easy to fall off, and can be learned through the guide and the interesting song set. 

      Portability: 7.5in x7.2 in x 4in (19cm x18cm x10.5cm) It iseasy to carry and does not take up more Weight 1.9lb (0.86 kg),) children can easily get to the classroom and school to study and suit for kids over the age of three.

  • Product Description

    Kiddre:Music Makes Fun!

    Kiddre 10 Keys Accordion is an excellent accordion wih cheaply-priced but not low quality. It has very practical design and excellent manufacturing process. Accordion is a Reed instrument that pulls the air to make sound by pulling bellows, suitable for accordion enthusiasts and students, or children over 3 years of age who have just come into contact with accordion.

    Suitable for multi-spot playing, solo and ensemble, can play a variety of chords. On the right side of the accordion, there are seven vocal sound keys, pushing the bellows and pressing the keys to make all kinds of sounds. The push-pull bellows can make two different tones of sound.

    There are three buttons on the left: harmony, bass and vent buttons (no sound when pressed)

    Chose Kiddre, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications

    • Color: Blue
    • Type: Portable Kids
    • Keys:7 With 3 harmony keys
    • Reeds Material:Steel
    • Item Weight:9lb/0.86kg
    • Package Size:5(L) x7.2(W)x4(H)Inches/ 19(L) x 18(W)x 10.5(H)CM
    • Upc: 747356963381
  • Package included

    1 x Kiddre 10 Keys Accordion
    1 x Learning Guide

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