Eking Standard Student Trumpet Brass Gold Bb Trumpet

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  • Beginning Must--Eking KTR-400 Standard Student Trumpet, Gold, Bb, is an entry trumpet , is a verified student trumpet design, can make a loud sound and send a warm voice, can promote fast music development.
  • Beautiful Shape- excellent spraying process, cleaning color , uniform, no flaws.
  • Design And Process -11.68mm / 0.460inch pipe & 124mm / 4.88inch bell mouth, first slide valve slider thumb saddle, third slide valve fixed slide valve. The welding process uses silver wire welding instead of lead wire welding. Environmental protection and no harm to health. The ultra-fine sanding cloth is used to polish the tuning tube. Therefore, the inner tube of the trumpet has high reflectivity and more refined appearance. The saliva button is sealed with a rubber material, which is not easily deformed and has a better sealing effect.
  • Valve- Eking high quality design, will not occur in the next step of maintenance. Accurately link the various adjustment tubes, playing without leaking, no effort.
  • The package contains content--- Eking ETR-400 trumpet, white gloves, cloth,valve oil, 7C mouthpiece, hard box. 12-Month Product Warranty.

Product Description

Eking wining at the starting line.

Choosing Eking's trumpet means you have made a very affordable option. The positioning of the Eking trumpet is the entry trumpet for beginners. 1: It provides the basic requirements for the entry of brass instruments, good pitch. 2: Better tone, loud and no noise. 3: No air leakage, good air tightness. 4: The piston valve is smooth and good maintenance can prevent it from blocking.

Wariness: 1 trumpet is a musical instrument that requires frequently cleaning of the valves. In case of difficulty in playing, be sure to unscrew the cover of the valve,to carry out the valves cleaning. Without lacquer, inner pipes must not be exposed to water vapor for a long time. So keep the internal pipes covered with valve oil all the time.

Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  1. Color: Gold
  2. Key:Key Of Bb
  3. Level:Beginning Level Instrument
  4. Material:Brass
  5. Item Weight:6lb/3kg
  6. Package Size 8(L) x 7.1(W)x 11.8(H)Inches/58(L) x 18(W)x 30(H)CM
  7. Carrying Case Material:Hard Nylon Covers Case
Package included

1 x Eking KTR-400 Trumpet

1 x White Gloves

1 x 7 C Mouthpiece

1 Valve Oil

1 x Cloth

1 x Hard Case

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