Eastar EVA-330 4/4 Solid Wood Violin Set With Two Bow

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  • Features

    The Eastar EVA-330 4/4 full size violin is made of spruce wood panels, maple backboards and side plates. It is cut from a complete piece of wood with clean timbre and stable sound.

    High-quality raw materials: maple-neck, wood-wood-wood, date-wood and date-wood-tail, aluminum-in-wire and four fine-tuning screws, wood-tuning knobs.

    EVA-330 is totally a handmade instrument, inlaid edge line, not a drawing line, inlaid edge violin line, in the process of slow aging of the violin has a protective effect on the violin board, at the same time, a slight impact will not cause damage to the violin.

    With two bow of Brasilia wood, the bow is the unbleached Mongolian horse of the primary color, and the two bows are used alternately to prolong the life of the bow.

    The package includes: Eastar EVA-330 4/4 violin x 1, Mongolian horse hair bow x 2, rosin x 1, wooden shoulder bracket x 1, violin bridge x 1, extra violin string x 1, Donner DT-2 Tuner x 1, 12-Month Product Warranty.

  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.

    Eastar EVA-330 is a very suitable product for beginners and advanced violinists. The wood we use in the most critical part is the best in the same violins. EVA-330 is a solid wood violin. It is definitely not pressed by pressing plate or wood thermal processing. Instead, a complete maple wood is cut and hollowed out to make corresponding radians.

    The resonant cavity of the violin produced by this process is specially prepared for even vibration, and the body of the violin will be stable and not deformed during long-term use. High-grade orange yellow body with smooth and flawless paint.

    There are two important points to note here:

    1. The neck of the violin is white without paint, and the neck of high-grade violin is not colored, otherwise the hands will sweat and slip when playing.

    2. Violin tuning is more difficult than guitar. When you twist the knob, press it inward slightly. You can watch professional violin tuning teaching videos on relevant video websites.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications

    Size: 4/4 Full Size
    Length: 23 Inch
    Hand Orientation: Right
    Body Top: AAA Solid African Spruce
    Back & Sides: AAA Solid African Maple
    Neck Material: AAA  African Maple
    Fingerboard Material: Pear Wood
    Chin Rest Material: Date Tree Wood
    Bow Material: Brazil Wood
    String Material: Steel Wire

  • Package included

    1 x EVA-330 4/4 Violin
    1 x Lightweight Hard Case
    2 x Brazil Wood Bow
    1 x Rosin
    1 x Wood Shoulder Rest
    1 x Violin Bridge
    1 x Extra Set of Strings

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