Eastar EST-004 Portable Saxophone Stand,with flute/clarinet detachable stands

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  • Features

    The long support legs are matched with the short support leg to provide a stable support effect and also has a good portable function. When saxophone is placed on the it, the center of gravity is low and it is not easy to topple.

    The bell mouth position of the stand is provided with a chain lock, which has a secondary protection effect on the saxophone placed on the stand and can effectively prevent the saxophone from sliding down from the U - shaped bayonet due to external force.

    The position of the second section has three gears adjustment to meet different placement requirements.

    This portable stand has two detachable clarinets / flutes stands, which can be installed according to the user's requirements to meet different musical instrument placement demand.

    Packing contents include: 1 x EST-004 Saxophone Stand, 2 x Clarinet/ Flute Stand ( removable ), 1x Portable Flannel Bag.

  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    EASTAR EST - 004 Portable SAXOPHONE STAD can match the alto saxophone and tenor saxophone.

    As a strong saxophone stand, it has three advantages.

    First, it is portable and has a matching flannel bag, which can be brought with it while playing or studying.

    Secondly, it can adjust the fixed position, and has a fixed chain to lock the bell mouth of the saxophone to prevent it from sliding down and damaging on the stand.

    Third, there are two extended supports that can be detached and can hold Bb clarinet or C flutes. Both extend stands can be installed or removed according to the needs of the uses.

    Choose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications

    1.Color: Black

    2.Type: Portable


    4.Material:Synthetic Plastics/Steel

    5.Item Weight:2.2lb/1kg

    6.Package Size:15.74(L) x 5.91(W)x 3.93(H)Inches /40(L) x 15(W)x 10(H)CM   

    7.Carrying Bag Material: Portable Flannel Bag

  • Package included

    1 x Eastar EST-004 Portable Saxophone Stand
    1 x Portable Flannel Bag
    2 x Extend Stands

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