Eastar EST-002 Portable Trombone Stand

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  • Features

    The firm and stable triangular structure is made of hard alloy with a thickness of 1.2mm/0.05inches, which is firm and durable, and can be firmly placed on the tenor trombone and bass trombone.

    With T - shaped fixing method , the bell mouth is fixed by an arc-shaped bell mouth fixer, and the slender tip with soft body penetrates into the inner tube of the trombone to prevent the trombone from shaking left and right.

    Portable structure, the legs of the bracket can be folded up, and the reduced length is only 23.6inches/60cm, which can be put into a cloth bag to be taken out, so as to be convenient for trombone lovers who need to go out to play and attend classes.

    Eastar ETS - 002 Trombone Stand is designed to facilitate players of different heights to use this stand. It has an effective height adjustment of over 7.8inches/20cm. Players of different heights can hold and place trombones on the stand.

    The package includes eastartes - 002 trombone stand, portable bag x 1,Contact us if you have any questions and product requirements

  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    Eastar ETS-002 trombone stand is an excellent accessory wih cheaply-priced but not low quality. It has very practical design and excellent manufacturing process. 

    1: 3 - feet supportstructure is very strong. You can safely put your Eastar trombone, Yamaha or selmer on this trombone stand.

    2: Portable design. To musicals who often go out to perform or study in classes ,this is very friendly. They don't have to worry about having nothing to support.

    3. Made of very durable composite materials, non-toxic and green composite materials are environmentally friendly and have strong resistance, ensuring that the trumpet stand will not be replaced during the year.

    Choose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

  • Specifications

    1.Color: Black

    2.Type: Portable


    4.Material:Synthetic Plastics/Steel

    5.Item Weight:1.98lb/0.9kg

    6.Package Size:23.6(L) x 3.5(W)x 3.5(H) Inches /60 (L) x 9(W)x 9(H)CM   

    7.Carrying Bag Material: Portable Bag

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  • Package included

    1 x Eastar EST-002 trombone stand
    1 x Portable Bag

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