Eastar ERS-1GG German Soprano Recorder 8 Hole C Key, Green

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  • Features

    • Clear voice-- The Eastar ERS-1GG Soprano Recorders is a standard student recorders with bright timbre, although it`s such a colorful recorder. Eastar still standardize it with the quality of the high-level recorders.
    • Beautiful shape-- Multi-coloredfigure, let the road of music learning be full of fun..
    • Practical Design-- Three piece construction: It is advantageous to adjust the position of C hole according to the size of the hand shape. Integrated mouth, independent head: Not easy to be damaged,mouthpiece is independently designed and manufactured, making airflow more stable, brighter tone, ideal air resistance, easy to control and accurate tone, easy to play with soft sound. Expanded mouth hole: Increase air flow, help beginners or intermediate players to better control the breath, reduce noise of Double holes C-C#, D-D#: Suitable for cromatic scale and skill playing.
    • Durable Material-- Usinghigh-grade resin material, non-toxic, light and portable, high hardness, waterproof, acid-proof, moisture-proof, but pay attention to falling from high altitude.
    • Package Contents--

      Eastar ERS-1GG Soprano C Recorder German Style Fingering,Dark Green (As indicated by “G” stamped packaging), Fingering Chart, Cleaning Rod, Transparent Bag .12-Month Product Warranty.

  • Product Description

    Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.

    Eastar's ERS - 1G Series are definitely not good-looking toys with the shape of recorders. We use the highest standards in the records industry to create this student records. We wanted to dedicate music to every age group, so we designed and made ERS - 1G multi-colored series. The fingering system, intonation, basic timbre, bright sound and steady air flow that should be provided with the beginning recorders are all possessed by this series. We also have cleaning rod, fingering chart for beginners and portable transparent bag for recorders. We have injected our music concept into the multi-colored recorders series, hoping that music can replace us to accompany you and your family members, children and friends.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.


  • Specifications
    • Color: Green
    • Fingering:German Style
    • Material: Non-toxic Resin
    • Key:Key Of C
    • Level:Beginning& Intermediate Level Instrument
    • Item Weight:28pounds/0.13kg
    • PackageSize: 14.76(L)x1.38(W) x 1.38(H) inches / 37.5(L)x3.5(W) x 3.5(H) CM
    • Carrying BagMaterial: PVC
    • UPC:747356961387 


  • Package included
    • 1 x Eastar ERS-1GG Soprano C Recorder German Style(G)
    • 1 x Fingering Chart
    • 1 x Cleaning Rod
    • 1 x PVC Bag

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