Eastar EP-10 beginner foldable digital piano 88-key full-size semi-emphasized keyboard, bluetooth portable electric piano with piano bag

SKU: EB2000

country: USA
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MDP-110 Digital Piano 10% OFF
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Eastar EP-10 Power Sensing Folding Electric Steel, Your Intimate Hobby Teacher
The Eastar EP-10 folding electric steel, with its innovative foldable form, allows you to take your keyboard with you anywhere, anytime, to start your journey of musical enjoyment. With a length of 24.8 inches and a weight of only 4KG, the volume of the EP-10 changes with the intensity of playing, while the height of the keys is a standard 2cm, making it a more realistic piano feel experience.

  • A Really Great Teacher
  • Take Your Creation/ Play Anywhere, Anytime, without Taking Up Space
  • Beautiful Sound and Realistic Feel
Eastar Would Never Disappoint You
Our original intention is to bring you a unique musical experience and enjoy your music. May the music be with you all the time!

1 X Folding Piano
1 X Sheet Music Stand
1 X Sustain Pedal
1 X Piano Bag
1 X Instruction
Small and Portable Folding Electric Steel
Open and close design, one button folding. The folded length is 24.8 inches and weighs only 4KG. The package comes with a piano bag, stylish and portable, so you can take him with you to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.
Lossless Sound Quality Stereo Surround
Lossless restoration of real steel tone, full and delicate sound, rich in three-dimensional sense. Gives you a great playing experience. The sound source is sampled from a grand piano and can be used for piano exam practice.
Experience Silent Practice
EP-10 has a silent practice function, in the dead of night or need quiet indoor, dormitory and other locations, you can plug in headphones (3.5mm jack, need to buy their own) to practice, alone immersed in the beautiful music.
Diverse External Interfaces for Greater Compatibility
The back of the instrument is rich in interfaces and is compatible with a variety of external devices: Sustain pedal interface (3.5mm)
MP3 interface (3.5mm)
Microphone jack (3.5mm)
Headphone jack (3.5mm)
Charging interface (Type C)
Clear and Powerful LCD Screen
The EP-10 is equipped with an LCD display, which shows the status of functions in operation, and also allows you to view the tones, names of demonstration songs, etc. through the screen.
Equipped with Sustain Pedal
The set comes with a separate sustain pedal, which can be used together with the sustain pedal to allow the music to be played with a richer sound, color and style, matching different pieces.

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