Eastar EDS-180SB 14 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set with Throne, Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Metallic Sky Blue

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  • Features
    • Eastar EDS-180SB 3-drum setfor children aged 3-6, consisting of 14inch x10inch bass drum, 10inch x 5inch snare drum and 8inch x 6inch tom The drum is made of horizontally poplar, with high strength, uniform vibration and bright sound.
    • EDS-180 bassdrum adopts 6-drum-lug structure, the drum skin tension is larger than similar products, and the drum skin vibration is better. Fully plating drum ring, drum lugs and pedal, high level of plating process.
    • High-quality drum skin, the drum skin of Eastar's 3-drum set has been selected, the transparent skin for the tom drumand the bass drum, and the frosted surface of the snare drum is white frosted skin (the frosted skin is easy to stain, which is normal thing).
    • This drum set also includes a pair of kid's drum sticks andadult drums for parents or teachers to play with their children. (Do not use the tip of the drum stick to insert the drum head).The snare drum belt can be adjusted the loosening and change the color of the snare
    • Set contains content -14" x 10" Bass drum x 1,8" x 6" Mounted tom x 1,10" x 5" Mounted snare x 1,10" Cymbal with cymbal arm x 1, Plating bass drum pedal x 1. Round padded adjustable drum throne x 1 ,Kids wooden drum sticks x 2,7A wooden drum sticks x 2.Easy to read set up instructions (Assembly is required) x 1,12-Month Product Warranty.
  • Product description

    Eastar Would Never Disappoint You. 

    The kids drums of the Eastar EDS-180 series have the better quality and product configuration comparing of the same class. 1: Electroplating process:all the link structure, drum ring, drum lugs, stands are electroplated, electroplated parts will be more advanced than black powder, will not cause damage to children's health 2: 6 pairs of drums Structure, larger and deeper resonance chamber, better sound .3: With two pairs of drum sticks, a pair of adult drum sticks, a pair of children's drum sticks, convenient for parents, teachers, elders and children to interact together.4: Bass drum face: 0.25 mm transparent skin, resonance surface: 0.188 mm white leather. Snare drum face: 0.22 mm white matte leather, resonance surface: 0.1 mm transparent leather. Tom drum face: 0.188 mm transparent skin, resonance surface: 0.188 mm transparent skin.

    Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support,Please contact us if you have any problem ,we will rely to you as soon as possible. 


  • Specification

    Size: 14inch 3-drum Set<br>

    Suit:3-6 years old<br>

    Color:Metallic Sky Blue<br>

    Drum Material:Poplar<br>

    Drum Pattern:Landscape<br>

    Cymbal Material:Macht Metal<br>

    Cymbal Thick:0.8mm

    Bass Drum:14" x 10"

    Mounted Tom:8" x 6" 

    Mounted Snare:10" x 5" 

    Cymbal With Cymbal Arm:10"

    Bass Drum Pedal:Electroplate

    Round Padded Adjustable Drum Throne:Limit weight 100kg

    Kids Wooden Drum Sticks x 2

    7A wooden drum sticks x 2

    Package Size: 19.3" x 16.1" x 13.8"


  • Package included

    14" x 10" Bass drum x 1

    8" x 6" Mounted tom(With drum arm) x 1

    10" x 5" Mounted snare(With drum arm)) x 1

    10" Cymbal with cymbal arm x 1

    Plating bass drum pedal x 1

    Round padded adjustable drum throne x 1 

    Kids wooden drum sticks x 2

    7A wooden drum sticks x 2

    Easy to read set up instructions (Assembly is required) x 1

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