Eastar EDS-350Bu 16 inch Junior Drum Set Kids Drum Set 5-Piece with Adjustable Throne and Cymbal, Pedal & Drumsticks, Metallic Blue

SKU: EB0323

Country: USA
Color: Black
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L-Rod Suspension

The suspension structure of this L-shaped design is stronger. It can keep the balance of the drum in the proper position so that the drummer can easily change the inclination and height of the drum. The adjusting nut is in the middle of the L-shaped rod.

Bass Drum Leg

This structure lifts the bass drum at a certain angle and makes the drum face up, so that the drum has better resonance, and the triangle is fixed, so the snare drum will not move violently when playing.

Hi-Hat Stand

The independent hi-hat stand can be easily adjusted to the desired height, making it more casual and comfortable to play. The height of the hi-hat stand can be adjusted by turning the screw in the middle of the stand.

Bass drum pedal

The pedal hammer can be used by mounting the pedal hammer to the bottom drum stand.


The drum is made of horizontal-grained poplar wood, with high strength, uniform vibration, and loud sound. The outer layer of the PVC veneer has a cool appearance.

The joy of playing

Eastar 5-Piece Junior drum sets provide everything you need to play, let¡¯s pick up the drum sticks and enjoy the fun of playing.

Accessory parts

Children's round drum stool, the maximum height is 17 inches / 42 cm, and the maximum weight is 220lb / 100kg. Even adults of normal weight can easily support it.

The simple pedal design makes installation easier and more convenient

Two pairs of maple drumsticks, a pair of 5A adult drumsticks, and a pair of children's drumsticks allow parents and children to have fun together and enjoy playing.

    eastar eastar eastar eastar
    EDS-180 EDS-350 EDS-480 EDS-580
    Set 14'/ 3 Pieces 16'/ 5 Pieces 22'/ 5 Pieces 20'/ 5 Pieces Pro Set
    Age Group Under 10 Under 12 Over 12 Over 12
    Bass Drum 14'x10' 16'x11' 22'x16' 20'x18'
    Tom Drum 8'x6' 8'x6'& 10'x5' 10'x7'& 12'x8' 10'x7'& 12'x8'
    Snare Drum 10'x5' 10x6' 14'x5.5' 14'x5.5'
    Floor Drum Not Include 12'x10' 16'x16' 16'x16'
    Cymbal 10'crash cymbals 10'Hi-hat Cymbal & 12' Straight Cymbal 14.5'Hi-Hat & 16'crash cymbal 14'Hi-hat Cymbal & 16'Straight Cymbal
    Color Metallic Sky Blue, black etc Metallic Blue/ Metallic Black/ Metallic Red etc Metallic Silver/ Mirror Black/ Metallic Blue etc Starry Blue/Starry Silver


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