Donner Tape Delay Guitar Effect Pedal, White Tape Stereo Tape Delay Transparent Boost True Bypass

SKU: EC1335

Country: USA
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Product description

Donner White Tape is a analog circuit stereo tape delay pedal that realistically emulates the sound of those legendary tape echo machines, features a highly responsive and easy to use 3-knob interface with control over delay Level, Time and Feedback for each channel. Two independent delay channels and controls gives your tone a sense of space and substance in stereo setup.It also gives you the sought-after timbre of the original tape echo machines complete with ‘wow’ and ‘flutter’ effects, and authentic bass drop-off on the repeats.
White Tape provides the warm and organic tape delay sound and keeps decay of echo as natural as possible. The maximum delay length 1000ms can suit for most kind of guitar playing. Analog dry signal path and True bypass switch keep the nature and original tone of your guitar and amplifier. You get that unmistakably warm, saturated tape sound - perfect for synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, and more - all in one Donner White Tape Stereo Delay pedal.

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