Donner Dyna 4 4-Inch Near Field Studio Monitors 2-Pack with CSR 5.0 Bluetooth and Isolation Pads

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Stereo CSR Bluetooth 5.0
The Dyna 4 Near-Field Monitors are designed for both demanding professional audio mixing and hi-fi listening. Whether you're video editing, watching a movie, gaming, mixing your next album, or just listening to your favorite tunes, the Dyna 4 is an excellent choice. With its CSR Bluetooth 5.0 function, you can enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere.
Room Space/HF Trim
The Room Space and HF Trim professional acoustic adjustments allow you to dial in the speakers for your space and your room reflections. The Room Space switch can be used to compensate for an exaggerated low-frequency response that can be caused by reflections in some listening environments. The switch allows you to boost or attenuate high frequencies by 2dB. Select the setting that provides the desired high frequency response for the application.
Studio Monitor Isolation Pads
These isolation pads increase clarity and reduce coloration. The speakers then yield a tighter, more precise bass response while unmasking otherwise obscured higher frequencies. They feature a two-component design made of high-density acoustic foam for optimal sound.
Sets the volume level of the speaker. When set to the 12-o’clock position the speaker is optimized for a nominal input level of 0dB. It is recommended to keep the volume at 0dB to get a flat and accurate sound.

Room Space:

Setting the switch to the 0dB position produces a flat frequency response. The -2dB setting attenuates the range below 400 Hz by 2dB, and the -4dB setting attenuates the range below 400 Hz by -4dB.

HF Trim:

Setting the switch to the 0dB position produces a flat frequency response. The +2dB setting boosts the range above 2kHz by 2dB, while the -2dB setting attenuates the range above 2kHz by -2dB.

Package Includes:
  • Dyna 4 High-Definition Active Studio Monitor X2
  • Studio Monitor Isolation Pad X2 (A pair)
  • EVA Isolation Bottom Sticker X 2
  • RCA to 1/8” Stereo Aux Cable X 1
  • IEC Power Cable X 1
  • Bare-Wire Speaker Cable X 1
  • User Manual X 1


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