Donner Mini Sticky-style Guitar Pick Holder 3-pack, Include 10 Pcs Guitar Picks And 3 Pcs Holder Stickers¡ê?Easy to Pasted It Anywhere on The Guitar.

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Country: U.S.

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Handy mini pick holder-The Donner mini pick holder is good for your pants pocket or instrument case pocket. You can stick it anywhere you would like

Convenient-Convenient way to store your picks and keep them from making their way into all the nooks and crannies in your guitar cases. Also good for live performance.

Three mini pick holders-Three pick holders can be used to place three different picks and three special stickers can be added to prevent them from falling off

Ten Donner guitar picks-Includes three different thickness Celluloid?picks:?4*Thin (0.46mm); 3*Medium (0.71mm) ; 3*Heavy (0.96mm);

Simple and practical-A?simple solution to having your picks readily available and always where you left them. You will?no longer?lose your picks?around the house.


Product description

Donner has always been committed to solving customers' problems when playing. Donner Mini Guitar Pick Holder is small and cute but it can be of great use. After testing, the mini box can hold 10 piece of 0.46 thin picks.But we still come with guitar picks of three thicknesses, which can be placed in three different pick boxes to use. The capacity of the pick box can meet the needs of all players, which is very suitable for live performance. In a addition, Three stickers allow you to change in time to ensure that the pick holder does not fall off.

Are you worried about not being able to find the?pick?when playing??Are you still worried that the picks are too small to manage??Are you still worried about losing the pick??Donner mini pick holder can solve all your troubles. Take the mini pick holder home!Make your picks at your fingertips!



Product Material:ABS

Product color: Black

Product weight: 3 g/0.07oz

Pick material: Celluloid

Pick thickness: 0.46mm, 0.71mm,0.96mm



Package included

3 * Donner?Mini pick holders

9?* Donner?Pick Holder stickers

10 * Donner?Celluloid Guitar Picks

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