Donner M-10 10W Guitar Amplifier, Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp, with APP Effector Input and Distortion Tone for Heavy Music Player

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Country: USA
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With ¡°Metalhead¡± favorite voice

M-10 has a distortion channel switch button. Pressing this small button will open up your new world. The aggressive and punchy distortion sound will make you excited. At the same time you can also adjust the distortion through the gain knob. It can be said that Donner M-10 is the customized sound of heavy metal players, plug in the guitar and immediately start breaking down.

With APP effector input

The M-10 has an APP access port, so you can enjoy a variety of top guitar sounds in the world with a small budget. It is definitely the most cost-effective choice for guitar beginners. M-10 is compatible with software effects such as Amplitube, Deplike, Tonebridge, BIAS, TC Guitar Rack, etc. Just connect your mobile phone/PC, open the software effector, and press the M-10 app to enjoy your own playing moments (note: this item does not include some software effects that require payment)

Take it and go

Although Donner M-10 has a very "heavy" tone channel, its weight is not heavy at all. Although the amplifier box is made of solid wood, the solid silicone hand strap can let you take it anywhere. The sound of M-10 will never let you down, as long as you want, the energy in its body can definitely handle small and medium-sized performances.

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