Donner Electric Guitar String 10 Sets Nickel Wound High Carbon Hex Steel Strings 10-46 Medium DES-20M

SKU: EC5023

Size: 10 Sets
Shipped to: United States


  • Features
    • Excellent Sound and Stay in Tone: Donner electric guitar strings feature a balanced great sound and perfect intonation constructed with nickel-plated wire wound around high-carbon hexagonal steel
    • Played for Bright and Stable Tone: Nickel-plated ball end can prevent the strings from slipping and ensure that the strings can continuously vibrate and sound
    • Great Feel and Last longer: Oxidation-resistant nickel Alloy coating prevents strings from corrosion and rusting and give you great feel on strings. Break-resistant steel is reliable for good bend and extends Donner electric guitar strings life span
    • Strings Keep Fresh When Delivered: Sealed in the most corrosion-proof packaging keeps guitar strings fresh and last for long. 10 sets individually enclosed in a single, flow-wrap package
    • Strings Gauges - Plain steel: .010, .013, .017, Nickel wound: .026, .036, .046. Every string is labeled to let you string up your electric guitar easily 
  • Introduction

    The Donner Professional Guitar Effect Pedal Cable is designed to interconnect electric guitar pedal effects. Right-angle plugs allow close spacing of pedal effects on pedalboards. The Black-Gold connector design will also visually compliment your gear and will look extremely sleek in your rig. The cables have extremely low capacitance, superb noise rejection, and amazing clarity.

    Using high-purity copper shielding ensures extremely low noise, while the high purity copper center conductor delivers the signals as they are. With a single-molded strain relief plug, these cables also provide added durability and reliability. A 98% spiral shielding also helps to eliminate virtually all handling noise. If you want the best cable to go from your instrument to your rig, the Donner Professional Guitar Effect Pedal Cable is the best choice

  • Specification
    • Donner provides high-quality musical instruments to more than 60W music lovers every year. It has been exported to Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan, and other developed countries for many years. With the quality control and high stability of the products, it is appreciated by the musical instrument industry insiders and loved by music lovers.

      Donner DES-20 series electric guitar strings are a very cost-effective product. Great for guitarists who are just getting started learning electric guitars. The 1st to 6th strings are marked with corresponding labels, so beginner take the guessing out of which string goes where. Sealed in the most corrosion-proof packaging keeps guitar strings fresh and last for long.

      String specification: Plain steel: .010, .013, .017, Nickel wound: .026, .036, .046

    • Material: Nickel + High-carbon Hexagon steel

    • Package includes
      10 packs Donner DES-20M electric guitar strings

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