Donner DPA-100 9V 5-Way Pedal Power Supply

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The Donner 5-way guitar pedal power supply has 5 high quality daisy chain outputs with special anti-hum technology. With this power supply, you can easily power up to five guitar pedals at once from the single power supply. Professional noise isolation ensures you don’t pick up any unwanted noises.
The Donner 9 Volt Adapter works with any device requiring 9V center negative to minimize or eliminate the need to change batteries. It can also be used to power additional 9V center negative effects pedals. Dealing with a dead battery in your pedalboard can ruin a performance. With this 9V power supply, you can avoid battery related headaches.

The 9V adapter isn't just for powering pedals. It can also be used to power center negative keyboards requiring 9V.
Package Includes:
  • Donner 9V Power Adapter X 1
  • 5-Way Daisy Chain X 1
  • Reversed Polarity Cable X 1
  • Battery Clip Cables X 1
The Donner DPA-100 has the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification and the UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) certification, with overload protection, temperature control and short circuit protection.

With the Donner DPA-100, you can run fifive pedals on your pedal board at the same time,

allowing you to stack, layer, and combine effects as much as you want.

Donner’s skilled engineering team sought to eliminate the unwanted hum usually associated with daisy-chained power supplies, and were able to reduce it by 95%. With this improvement in performance, you lose absolutely nothing from your signal.

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