Donner DPA-1 Guitar Power Adapter Output 9V DC 1A with 5 Way Daisy Chain

SKU: EC836

Plug: US


  • Features
    • OUTPUT: 9V DC, 1A (1000mA), Tip Negative (-) design
    • INPUT: AC100V-240V, 60Hz, 6.5W
    • 5 way cable chain could power on 5 pedals at the same time
    • Professional noise isolation performance
    • Fit for most brands of guitar effect pedals

    Donner 9 Volt Adapter

    The Donner 9 Volt Adapter works with any device requiring tip negative 9V to minimize or eliminate the need to change batteries. It can also be used to power additional 9V tip negative effects pedals.

    No Need for Batteries

    Dealing with a dead battery in your pedalboard can ruin a performance. With the 9 Volt Adapter you can avoid the headaches of a dead pedal by directly powering it.

    Not Just for Pedals

    The 9 Volt adapter isn't just for powering pedals, it can also be used for other manufacturers electronics. The Donner adapter can also be used to power tip negative keyboards.

  • Package included
    • 1 x Donner 9V Power Adapter
    • 1 x 5 way Daisy Chain

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