Donner DEL-8i2 4-Channel Stereo Line Headphone Mixer, Mini Audio Mixer with Floating/Grounding, Mixer for Microphones,Guitars,Bass,Keyboards

SKU: EC1718

Country: USA
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DEL-8i2 has the highest sound quality at all output levels, with ultra-low noise operability and excellent audio performance. Whether it is to make up for the lack of channels in a "large" mixer or to collect sounds from many different sources (microphone, guitar, bass and keyboard) into a track for monitoring or routing, DEL-8i2 is your best select.

Powerful Line Mixer

DEL-8i2 has Ground/Floating functions that are not available in similar products on the market. "Ground" means normal grounding: "Floating" is a floating ground, which can avoid interference with other equipment due to grounding circuits.

Easy to Control and Operate

Each channel on DEL-8I2 has an independent volume control, independent input plug and volume control of each channel, and two output channels. You can clearly know the volume of the corresponding channel through the scale on the panel. Allows you to more easily adjust the ratio of different channels when doing line mixing.

General Stereo/Mono Function

If you hear the hum of the input device, just press the Ground/Floating button of the corresponding channel (Ground/Floating function only supports "1/2" and "3/4" input). In addition, DEL-8i2 also has the general Stereo/Mono function, which can set "Input 5/6" and "7/8" as stereo or mono input.

Everything You Want

In addition to the mixer, we are also equipped with a power adapter and two 3.5 to 6.35 adapters to meet all your daily needs. Special tips: 1. If the audio input is mono, or if you use a mono cable to connect the device to the input or output of the mixer, the output will be mono. 2. If you want to get a stereo output, you need to use a stereo cable (the tip is 2 loops) to connect the device to the input and output of the mixer.

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