Donner DED-200 Expansion Cymbal Kit with 12-inch Cymbals, Signal Cable, Rack Clamp, And More Stable Iron Metal Bracket.

SKU: EC3039

Country: USA
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Product Description

Donner DED-200 expands cymbals. It is injection molded from specified materials and can transmit vibration to the sensor. The customized sensor has high sensitivity, dynamic response and anti-interference characteristics. The steel support frame is stable and safer, and the adjustment is more convenient. We will pay attention to every screw so that we can fix each cymbal firmly so that you can focus more on the music world. Before playing, you need to adjust to the position you like according to personal preference.


Size: 49cm * 40cm * 6cm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Material: Silicon and plastic

Drum head material: nylon

Other materials: iron

Package included:
  • 12’CymbalsX 1
  • Support frame X 1
  • Signal connection line X 1
  • Note: After finishing the package, please check immediately whether it contains all items. If there is any omission, please let us know.


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