Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal for Tablets Ipad Rechargeable Black

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  • Features

    • 30+ foot wireless range.
    • Hands free music reading on iPads, Android tablets, MAC, and PC.
    • Left & Right footswitches emulate arrow keys, PageUp / PageDown, and mouse clicks.
    • Take control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting or media control, and more.
    • 50+ hours on a single charge using the built in, rechargeable battery and included USB charging cable.
    • Three colors: Sliver, Golden&Black
  • Product Description

    The Donner wireless page turner pedal is the perfect controller- equipped Mac, PC, iPad or Android Tablet. Take control of music reading, scrolling lyrics or guitar tabs, teleprompting or media control, and more. For hands-free page turns and compatible app controls so subtle, no one will notice that your hands never touched the screen. Not only is this an eco-friendly solution to using paper charts and sheet music, it also creates smoother transitions rather than fumbling through paper and binders. Clean, modern design featuring no bulky cables sticking out, durable and lightweight ABS plastic, rubber grip pedals to ensure full contact with the pedal every time, and easily readable LED's indicating mode selection and battery life. The Page Turner easily syncs with dozens of popular sheet music, chord chart, tab, and reading apps including: forScore, NextPage, MusicReader4, Teleprompt+3, Paperless Music, piaScore, DD GigBook and many more simply by turning on the unit, enabling controlling on your device, and pressing sync! Enjoy your own fun and colorful life.


  • Specifications
    • Color: Silver/Gloden/Black
    • Material: ABS + Metal
    • Weight:450g (with box)
    • UPC: 708302977517
  • Package included
    • 1 x Donner Page Turner Music Pedal
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x User Guide

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