Donner 6PCS Acoustic Guitar Cattle Bone Bridge Pins Inlaid 3mm Green Abalone Dot with Guitar Pins Puller and Sandpaper, DIY Replacement Parts

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  • Features

    1.Cocobolo-Donner acoustic guitar bridge pins is made of Cocobolo which is very rare.You can see its unique wood grain and the color of each bridge pins will be different.

    2.Widely applicable -Standard size, card slot about 5.0mm design. Donner guitar pins is applicable to most brands of guitars. If the size is too large, it can be polished according to the actual size before installation. Please check the dimensions before purchasing to avoid special circumstances.If it is too large, sand it with sandpaper to get the right size.

    3.Reinforcement sustain-Not only can it act as a fixed string, but it can also effectively enhance the sustain on the original guitar and can improve the graininess of mid-high frequency sound.

    4.Easy to install - Donner bridge pins contains a guide string slot for easy installation , and is equipped with a pins puller and sandpaper for easy replacement of the string.

    5.Friendly customer service-Any product problem we can give you a solution, your advice is our driving force.


  • Product description

    Do you think that the plastic guitar pins have no texture and are not matched with your favorite guitar? Do you think that the ordinary plastic bridge pins sustaining effect is very poor, can not show some Fingerstyle skills well? Do you think plastic guitar bridge pins are fragile and not durable? Donner acoustic guitar Cocobolo pins can help you solve your problem.

    Guitar bridge pin not only plays the role of fixing the string, but it’s material quality and structural characteristics will affect the guitar's tone, graininess and sustaining effect. Donner guitar pin is made of rare cocobolo and has a unique appearance, which provides better vibration transmission to the bridge for better sound.

    Donner guitar bridge pins can stuck in the slot tightly, stable without shifting by professional DC control technology, ensuring stable sound;In addition, Donner pin inlaid 3mm green abalone dot which improve the grade of the guitar.


  • Specification

    Material: Cocobolo wood

    Total Length about:30mm

    Top Diameter about:7.6mm

    Bottom Diameter about: 4.5mm

    Abalone Dot Diameter: 3 mm


  • Package included

    1* Donner guitar pins puller
    1* Donner sandpaper

    6* Donner Cocobolo Bridge Pins


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