Donner 61 Roll Piano Keyboard , White

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  • Features

    Donner 61 roll piano keyboard , lighter and portable for beginners and children or finger strength exercises with pedals, white

    · The 61 keys roll piano allows you to keep your finger strength training at all times or help
    beginners develop better interest in piano and better meet your needs when practicing.
    · It can be used for both stage performance and practice in a quiet environment with headphones on. No noise while playing.
    · The weight of 2.4 pounds with the proper size to fold or roll can be easier put into the backpack .Simpler panels and a lighter design.

    · It has 120 timbre, 100 rhythms and 80 demo songs, and can play many different styles of music.
    The product has MP3, editing, record, sustain and other functions

    · External DC5V power supply or mobile charging power supply can be connected, input and play MP3, built-in amplifier, support external sound or headphone to meet the needs of different occasions.

  • Product description

    This 61-key roll up piano made of silicone is only 2.4 pounds. The waterproof and dustproof soft material can make the piano roll up to save a lot of space. It can be put into a backpack or suitcase to allow piano lovers to study and work extra time. Keep the practice of the fingers and the basic skills of the piano. It is a great choice for beginners and those who want to start learning piano.

    Whether you like jazz, classical, pop or rock, you can always find the right tone for your style in Donner's hand-rolled piano. And find the rhythm that suits you to help you with accompaniment or practice. It can help you improve in a short time. You can choose 120 timbre, 100 rhythms and 80 demo songs for different performances in different occasions.

    Please make sure that the battery has enough power and a relatively flat place before using it. Connect the pedal to the “sustain” interface for better sound. When you play the roll up piano with the correct piano playing hand posture, it will give you a more realistic piano sound. Donner's roll up piano can better help you develop good playing habits and further develop your interest in learning piano. It is also a very good gift for your children!

  • Specifications

    Color: white
    Mains input: DC5V/1000mA
    Output power:500mW
    Weight    :0.96KG
    Dimensions: 1015(D)*200(W)*20(H)mm.

  • Package include

    1*Donner 61 roll piano keyboard , lighter and portable for beginners and children or finger strength exercises with pedals, white




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