Donner 50-Pack Acoustic Foam Panels Wedges, Fireproof Soundproofing Foam Noise Cancelling Foam for Studios, Recording Studios, Offices, Home Studios

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Country: USA

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Donner Acoustic Foam Panels Wedges


Product description

Size :1'' x 12'' x 12'' - 50 Pack

Donner acoustic foam panels can solve such problems well. Donner soundproofing foam uses a new polyurethane sound-absorbing material, which is processed and formed through a mature foaming process and can greatly improve the sound quality in your room. Each piece of soundproofing foam is added with flame retardant materials and passed the environmental protection test of SGS, which is a product that customers can trust.
Sound absorption principle:
Donner acoustic foam panels is full of fine voids and semi-open holes, which can absorb the high, middle and low frequencies of the sound, attenuate the sound, and lower the interference and reverberation of the sound reflected in the room to ensure the clarity of the sound. As bass trap:


    1. When you open the package and take out the product, you may find that its thickness is smaller than expected. do not worry! You can soak in water for 2-5 minutes and then blow dry to restore the normal thickness.
    2. When you use Donner double-sided stickers, please make sure the wall is flat and free of foreign matter such as powder, which will affect the effect of the paste. If your wall is difficult to clean, it is recommended that you go to the store to buy spray glue.
    3. How to use Donner stickers:
    (1) First take out the sticker and stick it on the sound-absorbing cotton by pressing. It is recommended to stick 5 double-sided stickers on each piece of sound-absorbing cotton.
    (2) Tear the thin paper on the other side of the sticker in turn
    (3) Clean the wall and stick it firmly.
    Size:12*12*1 inch(30*30*2.5cm) Material:Polyurethane Package include:
    50 x Donner Acoustic Foam Panels 300 x Stickers

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