Donner DDS-520 22-inch 5-Piece Premium Acoustic Drum Kit for Adults Silent Full-Size Set | Starry Blue/Yellow/Black/Red

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Color: Red
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Donner's DDS-520 series of full size drum kits, our drum kit is best for intermediate practice, the drum kit is mounted on a gimbal horn suspension.

This structure lifts the bass drum at a certain angle and makes the drum face up, so that the drum has better resonance, and the triangle is fixed, so the snare drum will not move violently when playing.
The thickened drum skins bring a bright and clear sound to the drums, and the thickened drum skins have a better feel for hitting, and at the same time, certain Degree of ability to suppress overtones.
More random angle adjustment
More random angle adjustment. It can keep the balance of the drum in the proper position so that the drummer can easily change the inclination and height of the drum.
Donner craftsmanship
  • Our 22mm diameter hi-hat stand and hanging cymbal stand are very firm, double-legged, and more competitive than similar products on the market.
  • We have a set of silent Cymbals 14-inch Hi-Hat, 16-inch Straight Cymbal and 20-inch Ride Cymbal, which are quieter and easier to practice at home than Cymbals of the same type.

  • Throne's bracket is a double-leg plate structure, with a maximum load of 330lb (150kg), which is very firm.
  • Kick drum striking surface: 0.376 mm double drum head, resonance surface: 0.175 mm drum head. Snare drum strike surface: 0.188mm white nubuck leather, resonance surface: 0.075mm transparent leather. Tom strike surface: 0.376mm double drum head, resonance surface: 0.125mm transparent skin. Bass drum striking surface: 0.376 mm double drum head, resonance surface: 0.175 mm.
  • Package included:
    • Drum Material:Poplar
    • Bass Drum:22" x 18"
    • Mounted Tom:12" x 8" & 10" x 7"
    • Mounted Snare:14" x 5.5"
    • Floor Drum:16" x 14"
    • Crash Cymbal With Cymbal Stand:16"
    • Ride Cymbal With Cymbal Stand:20"
    • Hi-hat With Stand:14"
    • Round Padded Adjustable Drum Throne:Limit weight 150kg
    • 5A wooden drum sticks x 2
    • Package Size: 81 x 59 x 56 cm
    • Weight:99.2lb
    Kids Drum Set_Black Kids Drum Set_Blue Kids Drum Set_Red
    Kids Drum Set_Black Kids Drum Set_Blue Kids Drum Set_Red
    Exterior Material Horizontal-grained poplar wood Horizontal-grained poplar wood Horizontal-grained poplar wood
    Set 14'/ 5 Pieces 14'/ 5 Pieces 14'/ 5 Pieces
    Age Group 8 - 12 8 - 12 8 - 12


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