Donner 10-Pack 60CM Guitar Effects Pedal DC Power Patch Cables Cords

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  • Features
    1. Replacement cables for your pedal power supplies.
    2. 10 x 23.6" (60CM) and all the cables are made with 21AWG high quality copper wire.
    3. Male to male, one right angle and one straight jack.
    4. 5.5mm (outside diameter) x 2.1mm (inside diameter), negative in the center.
    5. 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Backed Up By Our Awesome Customer Support, you can rest assured to buy our products.
  • Product description
    Donner DC pedal power patch cables are replacement cables for your power supplies. The package has 10 x 24" (60CM) and all the cables are made with 21AWG high quality copper wire. They are one right angle (for your effect pedal DC in) and one straight (for your effect pedal power DC out) that is the way they all should be all the time. Other cables may look thicker, but only because of more layers of PVC or PE insulation. The thicker cable with more copper wire is especially important when you're using non-isolated power supplies that share the current across all the outputs. Analog circuit design pedals(overdrive,distortion,tremolos,compressors etc) typically only need 20-50ma to run, but digital reverb, delay, preamp pedals can need 100-200ma. If they don't get it they start to make weird ticking noises. You can always tell the thin cables because they "heat up" trying to pass high current.
  • Specification
    • Length: 23.6 Inch (60CM)
    • Plug Diameter: Male to Male 5.5 x 2.1 mm Jack
    • Material Quality: Oxygen-Free Copper Wire
    • Jacket Material: PVC
    • Outer Diameter: OD2.0*2(mm)
  • Package included
    • 10 x Pedal Power Cable

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