Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver 2 in 1, Donner Bluetooth 5.0 Adapt with HD TFT Screen,Certified aptX Low Latency, Long Range for TV, Sound bar, 2 Headphones-MBRT2

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Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver
In order to realize the wireless connection of the product, Donner has developed a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter-MBRT2 with a high-definition TFT screen and a Qualcomm 86 series chip. With the addition of a visual screen, the customer can clearly see the target product model that needs to be connected when using it, whether in the receiving or transmitting state, and solve a major pain point of the user. The Qualcomm chip is used because its connection stability and sound quality are relatively good, and it has a wide range of applications. Its unique aptX technology adds a lot to Bluetooth 5.0. Note: aptX must be connected to the device with a Qualcomm chip to enable it. A variety of connection methods, optical fiber, coaxial, AUX, etc., can be connected to a wider range of products.
Launch Function
With the product's display screen, when using the launch function, you can easily find out the type of earphone or speaker that needs to be connected and display it on the screen.
Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip
Qualcomm 86 series Bluetooth 5.0 chip can be used to enable aptX technology to improve sound quality and reception stability. (Note: the target product needs to be a Qualcomm chip to start the aptX function)
Broad receiving range
Bluetooth's receiving and transmitting range can reach 39 feet/12 meters (without obstacles) coverage, realizing true wireless connection.
Connection mode
The product is equipped with optical fiber, coaxial, AUX and other receiving/sending functions. In addition to the product itself, it also needs to be set on the TV side.
Simple operation
The buttons are distinct, each of which represents a different operation meaning, simple and direct.
Bluetooth antenna
To increase the distance of receiving and transmitting and anti-interference, adding a Bluetooth antenna to the product is an effective configuration.

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