Last 3 days, we can't wait to reveal some secrets, if you haven't answered correctly before, you can continue to submit again. Just copy and paste, the prize will be yours!
We've told you the last 4 answers but don't forget to listen and guess the first 3 songs and tell us all 7 answers together!#4 West End Girl ; #5 Baba O Riley ; #6 This Girl ; #7 Lifelight

***Required Reading:

1. Listen carefully to the music in the video. Then enter the names of all the songs you hear in the answer column. Be sure to submit your answers before midnight on Sept. 30, PST.

2. We will draw the names of 5 lucky fans with the correct answers to win one free DEP-20 (EC3012) digital piano or one free DED-200 (EC3004) electronic drum kit. Players who have guessed all the songs correctly and placed an order on for a digital piano or electric drum set in Sept. 17 - Sept. 30 will upgrade to have a better chance of winning a Switch; only one will be given away!

3. The game ends at midnight on Sept. 30, PST; answers submitted after that time are not eligible. We will announce the results of the drawing on website and FB on Oct. 6, PST.

4. No matter whether you participate in the game or not, you can still enjoy the discount of free piano/drum stool. The discount ends at midnight on Sept. 30, PST.

5. Due to the stock causes, this event of North American area is restricted to the customer from United states only (Excluding Alaska, Hawaii, United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam).

6. All rights of interpretation of this event reserved by Donnerdeal.