Eastar ECL-300 B Flat Clarinet Black Ebonite Clarinet Set


  • Moving Voice
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Practical Design
  • Advanced Material
  • Various Accessories
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ECL-300 clarinet boasts a beautiful design and sound while maintaining a low price point, making it the band's best choice for students and others learn to play clarinets. Student musicians will find that the Eastar ECL-300 clarinet is a reliable, easy-to-play instrument that has very good facilities and durability. The Boehm 17 key system .Eastar clarinet provides good response and smooth playability for band students. Thousands of tutors support the clarinet.

For First Learning

The clarinet is very good both in its affordability and in its friendliness to beginners. The sound is bright but not dry, and a better reed can make a warmer sound. Beautiful tune, durable key and link structure does not leak, avoid short-term use to repair.

Beginner Reeds

We believe that adding resin reeds with the normal one can help beginners get through the stage where the tongue is prone to ruining the reeds. Occasional use of resin whistles to practice voicing improves faster. Use non-toxic ABS, use securely, small parts should be avoid food mistaken by little children.

High Quality

Please rest assured of the Eastar products, our black pipe has very stable and high quality. The serial number helps us to strictly investigate the quality problem to the individual. Before shipment, we will ask professional third party quality inspection to carry out product quality inspection. Make sure your clarinetis a high quality product.