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About [Donner Points]
Earn more [Donner Points] for different actions, and turn those [Donner Points] into awesome rewards!
Ways to earn
1.Place an order : 1 Donner Point for every $1 spent
2.Signup = 300 Donner Points
3.Like on Facebook = 10 Donner Points
4.Follow on Twitter = 100 Donner Points
5.Share on Twitter = 200 Donner Points
6.Share on Facebook = 200 Donner Points
7.Follow on Instagram = 100 Donner Points
8.Celebrate a birthday = 100 Donner Points

Note : Donner points expire after one year.

Ways to redeem
1.8% off coupon=300 Donner Points
2.$5 off coupon = 800 Donner Points
3.$10 off coupon (Applies to orders over $50) = 300 Donner Points
4.$30 off coupon  (Applies to DAD-140C Acoustic Guitar)= 500 Donner Points


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