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 About [Donner Points]

Earn more [Donner Points] for different actions, and turn those [Donner Points] into awesome rewards!

How to Earn Donner Points?

How Earn

300 Donner Points

Place an order
1 Donner Point for every $1 spent

Like on Facebook
10 Donner Points

Celebrate a birthday
100 Donner Points

Follow on Instagram
100 Donner Points

Follow on Twitter
100 Donner Points

Share on Twitter
200 Donner Points

Share on Facebook
200 Donner Points

Ways to Redeem?

Prize Need 
$8 off coupon(Applies to orders over $50) 300 Donner Points
$40 off coupon for Harmonica ( sku: EB0065) 600 Donner Points
$20 off coupon for Dobuds ONE Earbuds ( sku: EC6520 ) 800 Donner Points
$40 off coupon for DST-400 Electric Guitar ( sku: EC1385/EC1384 ) 1000 Donner Points
$43 off coupon for DEP-10 Portable Digital Piano ( sku: EC3011 ) 1000 Donner Points
Free -Eastar Floor Tom Drum (sku: EB0349) 500 Donner Points
Free-Kiddire Foldable Percussion Piano Pad( sku: ED2005) 500 Donner Points
Free-Donner Flat 6 Inch Guitar Effect Patch Cable(sku: EC1048) 800 Donner Points
30% off coupon for DDS-520 Drum( sku: EC6080/EC6081/EC6083) 1000 Donner Points

Note : Donner points expire after one year.



Share your referral link with your friends and after registering they will get a 10% off coupon. When they make a purchase, you will get a $5 off coupon.


Q1.Who is allowed to join the program?  >>>

All Donner customers are welcome to join the rewards program.

Q2.How do I join the program? Is there need for a fee?  >>>

There is no fee to sign up for the reward program. Click "Rewards Program" to sign up and start earning your Donner points!

Q3.How to redeem points?  >>>

 Log in to your member account (in the bottom right corner of the website), find the Rewards Program page and click on your points to redeem them.

Q4.Do points expire?  >>>

Yes, if you do not make a qualifying purchase during this period, the points will expire within one year. We will send you an email to remind you that your points are about to expire.

Q5.Can I share or trade points?  >>>

No you can't. Points are not transferable and can only be redeemed by members.