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Donner was formally established in 2012.

In 2013, it became the instrument brand for selling TOP3 on the Amazon platform in Europe and the United States.

In early 2014, Donner began to establish independent sales sites on all continents.

IIn 2015, Donner brand also quickly established a musical instrument technology R & D department, increasing investment in product research and development, and focusing on the development of electronic musical instrument products. Therefore, it has created hundreds of monoblock effect pedal models, dozens of ukuleles, acoustic guitars. Moreover, the electric guitar model series has since made a breakthrough in the field of electric steel and electric drum technology, and quickly entered the market.


At Donner, we have one single goal in mind: to make you a satisfied customer. As one of the very few brands that can enter the world top 120 within 10 years, Donner only took 6 years (from 2012-2018) to fulfill it. Its sales in 2018 exceeded 240 million yuan, and it successfully ranked No.111 in the world! I guess this result is inseparable from many factors such as Donner's rich product line, innovative purpose, and R & D attitude close to users.

Although Donner is young, it dedicates in researching, to create new experiences in music and performance which is full of energy and innovation, and to manufacture and market musical instruments, especially guitar, ukulele and guitar effect pedals. We have friendly on-hand experts covering guitars, drums, pianos, keyboards and effect pedals to meet all your needs.

With four core departments, Guitar & Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Pedal Effects, Donner caters for guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianists, singers, producers, beginners, pros... pretty much everyone! So, make sure to take a look around our store online, and you'll see why we've become one of the most loved names in the industry!

From the new in, basically every quarter there will be new products available. The traditional craft department, acoustic guitar and electric guitar are relatively stable because of their own accumulated craftsmanship. Electroacoustic products have made great progress in recent years, and many of them must be invested in research and development. At first, there are no less than a hundred kinds of effects products. The models are relatively big in the market, and they are not too aggressive. The flagship models of each year can catch the needs of users.

Focused only on driving from every aspect of the company's operation is the key to our ongoing success. If you're a satisfied customer, you'll come back to us when you have additional gear needs in the future, and you'll tell your friends about us. Then if we can make them satisfied customers, the cycle continues.

Before 2020, it is difficult for you to imagine that a company specialized in guitars and ukuleles can be among the top 200 in the world. Ukulele is also an important product line for Donner. The market share is estimated to reach 30%, (there are fluctuations) and our competitor is the old-fashioned traditional Ukulele big-name KAKA, etc. As a relatively young brand company, it is able to gain a foothold in the market in such a short time, especially in foreign markets. In addition to the strong operation team, the value of the product itself is an important part. The wooden product lines that have been launched simultaneously include acoustic guitars, plywood, surface sheets, and full single series acoustic guitars. Donner has always given a high attention to this field and begun to take a crucial step in other fields probably just because of this pursuit.

IIn recent years, Donner has begun to gradually expand the domestic market, and products full of classic foreign elements have begun to be loved by domestic music lovers. This may trigger the domestic musical instrument market to reshuffle. Online data shows that as soon as Donner electric drum and piano are listed abroad, it is believed that the cost-effective and accurate customer experience will also give domestic users a good choice. It is not difficult to imagine that a well-made musical instrument company can quickly set up a new product line architecture. The integration of resources in the industry is also the advantage of Donner.


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