Happy Children's Day

There are not only pedals in Donner, but also many instruments, including those suitable for children or beginners.
Happy Children's Day,Happy Always !
CampaignTtime : May 21th to June 1st

We have introduced a series of recorders,the recorder does not have reeds. It can produce sound by playing and does not need special training. Very simple and easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to arouse children's interest.
About German Style Soprano Recorder , there are including a set of single recorder ,a set of two recorders, a set of three recorders  ,we also prepare a Baroque Style Wood Recorder for you .
If you are interested in the piccolo, you can see it after the recorders , the piccolo is silver plated .

The unique timbre of the blues harmonica is like talking to others. Who learns to play the harmonica and falls in love with it, the harmonica will be his close friend all his life, and he can always be around! When he wants to be alone, when he is lonely, he can play the harmonica to express his emotions and talk to himself.Not only can it be a small special gift for adults, but also  will be a precious gift from parents to children!

Learning the Melodica Piano requires your ears and your hands. The movements of our limbs are controlled by our brain, which reacts to us,which is intellectual development for children.It should be noted that when using it, you should be gentle , and do not blow hard .The following options have 32 and 37 keys ,and there are three colours to choose from under each one.

Percussion instruments are a new type of instruments in Donner brand. There are already several orders when these drums in "pre-sale" status .The price is cost-effective.
Don't hesitate!

The promotion included several types of musical instruments, including cute Ukulele, simple Ukulele without patterns, classic Sunburst guitar, violin, and cool Cajon.
All these instruments have a one-year warranty, so please don't worry. If the product options are not available in your country, you can contact us via e-mail donnerdeal@gmail.com.

If you don't know which gift will be suitble for the person ,KALIMBA will be the best choice.
Beautiful - can be used as decoration, easy to learn - there are many videos about it on the Internet

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Children always like fresh and beautiful things. I believe this metronome is a good helper for them to learn music.

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Super practical music stand, including lamps and other accessories. We will send the replacement if the product or accessories damage during the warranty period .

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If you see here, it means you are Donner's big fan, then you must be familiar with the classic looper .
Not only for children, but also for ourselves as a gift for Children's Day. Hope we can always be as happy as children.

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There will be ppromotion during the festival normally. To konw the details of promotion ,you can follow our Facebook account: Donnerdeal.
If you have any products you are interested in, please contact us by email.

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