Donner EMO-AMP Controller Signal Converter Guitar effects pedal with MUTE FOOTSWITCH

SKU: EC1222

Country: USA

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Are you still worrying about your neighbors¡¯s complaints when you¡¯re rocking loud at home? Try this EMO- AMP Controller! This tiny passive attenuator is designed for connecting to your amp¡¯s FX Loop jacks: get connected, set a level and done. Do you own a really loud amp with an FX loop, or just want to be able to get that cranked tone? Then you need one of these.

Rock Out At Low Volume

The EMO-AMP Controller is a passive attenuator designed for using with your amp¡¯s FX Loop jacks (better settle it in a serial FX loop). When you need to rock out at low volume, this will be a great help. But remember: do not set it between your amp and cabinet.

Rock Out At Low Volume

LEVEL KNOB:Controls the output level.

You don¡¯t need an extra power supply for the tiny unit: connect to your amp¡¯s FX Loop jacks, set a level and done - or tap the footswitch to immediately turn the out level to minimum. The power jack is for supplying LED onboard only.

Powerful chip

High quality Electronic components and circuit design keep your tone clear and pure.

Easy-to-use passive attenuator.


Connections & Controls

The EMO-AMP Controller features true bypass design which keeps your sound pristine.

The EMO-AMP Controller is designed and built with carefully selected components to ensure best sound quality and road performance. The solid Aluminum-alloy chassis ensures using reliability.

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