Donner Sound Seeker DSS-3 Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup Cello Banjo Ukulele Mandolin Guitar Microphone Pickup

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Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup is an excellent solution if you want to simply plug in and play. It¡¯s the perfect pickup if you¡¯re looking to broadcast the natural sound of the acoustic guitar without any hassle. The placement of the system allows the tone to avoid thin and percussive sounds that are common in pickups.

¡°DIY¡± your own tone

Free combination installation position, you can ¡°DIY¡± your favorite sound .It fits for most string instruments such as ukulele, wood bass, cello, violin, Vida and bass, etc.

User-friendly accessories

No harm in your guitar with our green glue. It can be affixed to the instrument's face or vibration moderate position and repeatedly used.Never worry your audio cable interface is loose suddenly when you have a performance.

Pure & original Sound

You can enjoy the high sound reproduction. Fixing a rubber to adjust the tone and make your guitar more perfect. They sound full and rich and have sufficient.The DSS-3 System reproduces all strings nicely balanced.

Installation instruction:

Use the green reusable glue, in the bottom of copper pickup by hand pressing a thin green external glue layer stuck on the musical instruments, or feel vibrations on the musical instruments, usually attached to a moderate position on the musical instruments End pin is equipped with a fixed buckle the buckle with pickup is sticking on the output convenient location.

Note: The other two thin double-sided glue can not be affixed to the instrument outside the panel, because it can not be affixed down, forcing the demolition will damage the instrument.


1x guitar pickup

1x green glue

4x 3M stickers

3x cable holders

1x fixtures leather pad

1x ABS fixed clip

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