Donner DS-1 Bass Guitar Stand for Acoustic Guitar,Travel Guitar Stand Gold

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Country: U.S.

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  • All alumiun ally frame,minimalist design highlights the high-end fashion taste.
  • 2.The rotating axle adopts magnetic damping design to enhance the feel of rotating and also to further ensure thestablity of stand placement(very high stablity).
  • Patented design of guide channel and lock fastening structure to fix vertical tube and bottom tube not only have achieved detachability and portability,but also ensured the mechanical rigidity of the stand.
  • The placement rod is made of high-strength galvanized steel and is a fully open design, while using the structure of two ends fixing to achieve perfect fit when guitar is placed and will not have a slightest shake.
  • The sleeve on the placement rod is made of high density rubber to ensure a strong friction and soft cushion to protect guitar, while on the top of stand, a highly elastic cushion provides intimate caring to guitars.
  • The 4 shoes on ends of the bottom tubes are made of industrial injection grade soft rubber material, which let stand firmly affixed to the ground.
  • SK20 adopts damping design at the longitudinal pivot point which can stand at whatever angle, so you can put classic guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele in different sizes on the stand with more compatibility.
  • Bottom tube Length: 285mm
  • Vertical tube height:310mm
  • Placement rod length:185mm
  • NET Weight: 375g
  • Color: Silver/Gold/Grey
  • UPC:708302999892?
  • Stand tube:high strength aluminum alloy(oxodozed and sand blasted)
  • Stand connection set:purified ABS
  • Placement rod:galvanized steel
  • Placement rod sleeve:high density rubber tube
  • Top guitar protection pad:EVA
Package included
  • 1 x Vertical tube
  • 2 x Bottom tube

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