Moukey Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for Adults - Outdoor Karaoke Speaker with Wireless Microphone, 12" Subwoofer, DJ Lights (650W Peak Power - RMS 200W) MTs12-1

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Moukey MTs12-1 Karaoke Machine - High-power, ultra-portable sound system
Moukey MTs12-1 Karaoke Speaker Including a built-Subwoofer speaker, an integrated amplifier and wireless easy-pair wireless connection.

200W dynamic power amplifier and the 12-inch woofer will give you a rich sound. (Peak power up to 650W)

Lightweight, Compact, Rechargeable Portable Voice Amplifier is Excellent for anyone in Family Karaoke, Outdoor singing, meetings or seminars, or guiding a tour.

So if someone is looking for one of these then you have found a very good quality product as its well made and strong.

Tips: The lights of the owl's eyes will light up when the microphone is used or the volume reaches 80%, which will push the scene atmosphere to the top.

Multiple Connectivity
Bluetooth Features & Built-In AUX---Mts12-1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 that can pair to your tablet, phone, or other device and also features a 3.5mm jack to connect tablet, mp3, mp4 or other non-Bluetooth devices. Also provide TF/USB input.
Enjoy a Wonderful Karaoke with Colorful lights
Keep the accompaniment,Hold down the Mode button a second or two and to get the voice back, hold down again for about 2 seconds.
Turn on the lights ,While you are karaoke, feel the cheerful atmosphere from disco.
Simple Console
Direct and simple multi-function console, convenient for you to adjust sound effects, microphone effects, mode switching and other operations at any time.
VHF Wireless Microphone (NOT Included 2*AA Battery)
Wireless handheld microphones can be used for speech or sing karaoke. Enables to use the microphone and play music at the same time.

Use the wireless microphone correctly: Please keep your lips 45 degrees in front of the microphone within 1~2 Inches. Exceeding 2 inches may affect the pick up effect and even couldn't pick up any sound.
Large Capacity Battery
Our built-in large-capacity safety-certified battery charge full can be used 1-3 hours to meet your long-term performance needs outdoors.

But if you keep the machine charging that it could be used all day.​
Remote Control
It is convenient to connect external displays and MP3, iPod and other products. With remote control, you can control from a distance. Safety-certified power adapters are both safe and provide enough power to power the speakers.
Feel More Easily to Operate the Product with the Following Tips:
Before use, the battery must be charged. It is strongly suggested that charge it for over 8 hours without interruption.
The lights of the owl's eyes will light up when the microphone is used or the volume reaches 80%.
When using the microphone, do not face the speaker, or it will cause howling.
If you think the volume is low, please adjust the volume of your device (mobile phone, iPad, etc.) to above 80%.
When using the Bluetooth function, if the signal is stuck or Bluetooth not be connected properly, you can turn off the machine and the mobile phone's Bluetooth, then refresh to search again minutes later, or delete other Bluetooth devices that have been saved in the phone.
After using, the battery power must be closed by switching the "off" button on the machine rather than the remote control. If only simply turn off it by remote control, the machine in standby state and the battery still keep working, which will result in lack of power for the next use.
Keep enjoy

Karaoke Machine MK0146 Moukey Karaoke Machine,540W Peak Power Wireless Connection Karaoke Speaker Karaoke machine Karaoke machine MK0137 bluetooth portable karaoke machine
(This item) MTs12-1 Karaoke Machine with 12'' Subwoofer MTs10-2 Karaoke Machine with 10'' Subwoofer MTs8-1 Karaoke Machine with 8'' Subwoofer MPS1 Karaoke Machine with 6.5'' Subwoofer MPS2 Karaoke Machine with 6.5'' Subwoofer
Speaker Size 12 inch 10 inch 8 inch 6.5 inch 6.5 inch
Power 200W RMS 160W RMS 120W RMS Peak Power 50W Peak Power 50W
Microphone Performance Wireless Mic x 2 Wireless Mic x 2 Wired mic x 1 Wireless Mic x 1 Wired mic x 1
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0

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