Moukey 100W Adjustable Angle with Deep Bass Response 2-Way 3-Driver Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker-Mcs1

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Center Channel Home Speaker
The home theater must need a 5.25 "x2 + 1" gold combination to make up the intensity of the intermediate frequency. Moukey brand should be the requirements of consumers, launched this all hand-made wood to create and precision layout divider Adjust the angle to the speaker to add auditory enjoyment for your home theater system.
Adjustable Angle
The angle can be adjusted independently to match the user to listen to the best sound quality on TV cabinets of different heights.
Realistic Sound wall
Two high-elasticity 5.25-inch speakers are used for the response in the low-mid and low-frequency range, and a silk-film spherical 1-inch speaker is used for the high-pitched part. The effect of the entire sound wall is very realistic.
Easy Operation
Convenient speaker cable connection post, just press lightly, insert the speaker cable, and then loosen it. The speaker wire can be firmly fixed, and the operation is very simple. Note: The speaker cable is not included.
low-frequency Effect
The specially designed air duct is reasonably designed according to the volume of the cabinet and the parameters of the horn, which greatly increases the low-frequency effect. In addition, there is a protective net inside the air duct to prevent sundries from falling and entering.
Be As Bookshelf Speakers
With HIFI power amplifier, it can be used as bookshelf speakers in the room.
Home Theater System
With the AV power amplifier, combined with other front, surround, and subwoofers to form a real home theater system.

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