Donner Dark Mouse Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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About Donner Dark Mouse

  1. Power Supply:DC 9V(Negative in the center).
  2. Toggle switch: Select between different modes.
  3. Level:Controls the output volume
  4. 4.Filter:Controls the brightness
  5. 5.Dist:Controls the distortion amount
  6. 6.Input & Output Jack:1/4’’ mono audio jack.
  7. 7.LED Light:LED indicator shows the working state.
  8. 8.Full metal shell:Aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong.
  9. 9.True Bypass:True bypass for zero tone coloration.
  • Working Current: 10mA
  • Dimensions: 42x93.5x52mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Classic, warm, powerful distortion Dual-mode distortion provides flexible sound character.
  • Classic: Produces a classic, warm distortion sound with some fuzz feel
  • Hyper: Perform a more powerful sound with more edges and bottoms

    In addition to the existing series of effect pedals, we will improve and upgrade our product based on the extensive feedback given by our supportive customers. Interesting pedals are what we aim for.

    You can easily find the type of effect pedal you need.We are very glad that our products have been well received.

    An incredibly well-crafted and equipped for its price.

    Make your own music.

    1 1 1 1 1
    The Morpher Blues Drive Noise Killer Dark Mouse TRIPLE LOOPER
    Effect Drive/Distortion Drive Smart noise gate Black classic distortion Looper
    Features 3-way Tone Switch Two sound types Two noise reduction modes 2-way Tone Switch Time Progress Bar Display
    Power Supply 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC 9V DC
    Specialty legendary high gain stack amps sound legendary TS-style overdrive Sensitive But Smooth Sound For real underground rock scene Automatically save recorded files
    Circuit True bypass True bypass True bypass True bypass True bypass

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