Eastar EP-10 Foldable Semi-Weighted Full Size 88-Key Portable Electric Piano

SKU: EB2000

country: USA
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Why choose Eastar 88-key Foldable Digital Piano Keyboard?
The Eastar 88-key digital piano is the perfect home or outdoor electric piano for rehearsals, performances, learning and creating. The foldable 88 full-size digital piano keyboard is also an ideal gift choice for piano beginners for birthdays and Christmas. It's never too late to love, and Eastar Piano will surprise you!
The Eastar EP-10 Velocity Sensitive Folding Electric Piano
The Eastar EP-10 electric piano, with its innovative folding hinge, allows you to take your keyboard with you anywhere, anytime. Despite its small size (24.8in long) and weight (under 9lbs), the EP-10 provides a natural and realistic piano playing experience, sensitive to the dynamics and intensity of the key presses.

  • A Great Learning Tool
  • Portable and Collapsible, So It Can Go with You Anywhere
  • Exquisite Sound and Realistic Feel
Eastar’s High Quality and Standards Will Never Disappoint You

1 X Folding Piano
1 X Sheet Music Stand
1 X Sustain Pedal
1 X Piano Bag
1 X Instruction Manual
1 X Type-C Charging Cable(No Plub)
Small and Portable Folding Electric Piano
The Eastar EP-10 features a one-button open-and-close folding design. The folded length is 24.8 inches and it weighs less than 9lbs. The package comes with a stylish piano bag, so you can take it with you and enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.
Lossless Stereo Sound Quality
Using lossless reproduction of the piano samples, you keep the full and delicate intricacies of the source. enriching your playing experience. The sampling process is so accurate, and the feel is so realistic, that this digital piano can be used to prepare for exams and big performances.
Silent Practice
Plug in a pair of headphones and the EP-120 becomes silent to the outside world, allowing you to play in the dead of night or at other times when you might otherwise bother those nearby.
Various Input/Output Options
The back of the instrument is rich in interfaces and is compatible with a variety of external devices: Sustain Pedal Jack (3.5mm)
MP3 (Aux Input) Jack (3.5mm)
Microphone Jack (3.5mm)
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Charging Port (Type C)
Easy-to-Read LCD Screen
The EP-10 is equipped with an LCD screen, which shows which play mode you are in and other important details such as sound library, and demo song information.
Comes with a Sustain Pedal
The set comes with a separate sustain pedal, which can be used to play a wider variety of music and express greater artistic control.

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