Donner T-HAT Guitar Effect Footswitch Topper

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  • Features

    1  Footswitch toppers are colorful plastic bumpers intended to be put on the footswitch of your pedals

    2  Enlarged Touchable Surface, Make Effect Footboard More Efficient

    3  Unique design,Look like a Top Hat Knob. Make your pedals more personal

    Smart Footswitch Topper 10pcs in a package

    4  Different Color : (Red,Blue,Orange,Purple,Yellow Green  )*2

    5  Provide full protection for your pedal's foot switch


  • Specifications


    Dimensions: 26.5mm(OD) x 10.3mm(H)

    Weight: 30.5g


    Package include

    2*Blue,2*Red,2*Orange,2*Purple,2*Yellow Green


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