Moukey MMs-5 Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand

SKU: MK0089



  • Features

    Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand is a versatile configuration for broadcasts, podcasts, live performances; Allows you to position your microphone at the right height and distance

    Ideal for recording podcasts, video chats, radio shows, screen casts

    Height ranges from 8.66 inches to 14.17 inches,with Geared lock; Keeps your microphone stable and perfectly positioned at the right height and distance

    T-handle adjustment for secure boom positioning; round boom design with large clamping area; Metal construction, sturdy and durable

    The product also comes with a non-slip microphone clip and a 3/8 to 5/8 metal adapter.

  • Product Description


    If you need to use Blue Yeti, Blue Yeti Pro, Snowball, please remove the clip. Install the 5/8" male to 3/8" female adapter with the notched position facing down.

    Use a normal microphone with the clip. The maximum diameter of the clip is 1.26"/32mm.

    Material: metal

  • Specification

    Material: metal

    Color: Black

    Net Weight:3.42 Ib / 1.55 KG

    Package dimensions:7.6 x 5.9 x 3.54 inch / 19.3 x 15 x 9 CM


  • Package Contents

    1x Support rod

    1x Telescoping boom

    1x Microphone clip

    1x All-metal base

    1x 5/8" male to 3/8" female adapter

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